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Hawaii moves 7.5 centimeters closer to Alaska every year! This is due to the shifting of tectonic plates.

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Devil's Golfcourse

The above picture was taken during my trip to Death Valley National Park back in the spring of 2019. The jagged rocks and the barren, hostile landscape in general make this location distinct. Although there is an altogether lack of vibrancy and color, there is a sense of tranquility (provided there aren't too many tourists around), the effect of only being able to see salt rock flats nearly identical to the one pictured above for as far as the eye can see. Tourists can saunter about this "golfcourse", examining the peculiar formations which make up this unwelcoming putting green. The hunks of rock you see are actually pieces of rock salt, which have been eroded over the millions of years for which they've been present. This is perhaps one of my favorite locations in Death Valley, if only for its uniqueness.