Chubby's Gamepage!!!

Here's my gamepage, where I'll be talking a teeny bit about the games that I play, but note that I won't be doing much on this page.

I am a huge fan of .io games, and really enjoy playing them! Some games that I play (And are SUPER PRO AT) are as follow:, (Condiderded an .io game),, and Those games are really fun, and you should try them out!

I know that many people think that .io games are for little kids, but I think that they are actually really fun strategy games! I play with my friends, and it's a pretty nice way to spend time. I think that this will be it for my Gamepage, as I will focus more on other topics, but I may or may not update from time to time. Good luck if you try to play these games!

I forgot to mention previously that I also *used* to play Minecraft, Civilization III, and Sim City.

Some Other .io Games I Play: (rarely)