How to Start a Salt Water Fish Tank

    If you've seen the movie "Finding Nemo" or any other movie about the ocean, you've probably heard of the famous Clownfish, or as many kids call it, "Nemo". But, because of all it's fame, the clownfish is commonly overfished and sold into people's homes (as portrayed in the movie "Finding Nemo" when the fisherman takes Nemo from the ocean). Now, however, most of the clownfish in stores are store-bred, so you probably aren't directly harming the ecosystem. In any case, you want to have a "Nemo". So, how do you begin a salt water fish tank?

    Salt water fish tanks are not easy to start and maintain, and I would not recommend this for people starting their first fish tank. However, if you're willing to maintain the fish tank, and buy all the necessary supplies, even a person who's never heard of fish tanks could start one. That said, don't be discouraged because you're a beginner-give it a go-all you need is patience.

What You'll Need

Fish Tank


Lighting: Based on what type of tank and animals

Live Rock and Substrate

Sea Salt Mix & Hydrometer

Heater and Thermometer

Air Pumps and Stones

Maintenance Materials

1. Buy all neccesary supplies.

2. Put stand into place. Make sure there's an outlet or an electrical connection.

3. If you want, put in background.

4. Add sump (optional, search up on google if you have questions).

5. Install filter. Rinse as neccesary.

6. Add powerhead.

7. Install heater.

8. Do wet test: Fill the tank and sump with water. Turn on filter, etc. This is just a test to see if the setup works well. More details on google/other websites.


9. Install substrates, sea salt, and live rock.

10. Add light compatible for the plants you will add.

11. Fill tank and let it cycle. Might want to buy bacteria to help the tank become more natural.

12. Put in fish and other animals. Make sure to let them acclimate for at least 20 minutes before putting them into the tank!

13. If you want, you can put in some corals. These are the most sensitive things in your tank, so do some more research on these before purchasing.

You're done! Make sure to do some more research on all of these items and steps. "The Spruce Pets" website is a good place to get information. Thanks for reading this article! As always, leave any comments or questions on the neocities page.