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Since Chubby Squirrel is going camping, he wanted to share some of these amazing facts about camping and about nature in general! Did you know that you can use crickets to help calculate the temperature? According to, you simply have to count the amount of chirps in 14 seconds and at 40 to get the temperature! In fahrenheit of course. Apparently, camping can also help you sleep better, accoring to the University of Colorado Boulder. It "resets our biological clocks". Yeah, right. Last time Chubby Squirrel went camping, he couldn't fall asleep until 1 AM on account of all the noisy bugs! ^_^

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Did you know that there are more than 200 squirrel species in the world? Chubby Squirrel is an Eastern Gray Squirrel. Him and his family love to eat nuts, seeds, and flower buds! When winter comes, they collect nuts and bury them, which helps seed dispersal, leading to more trees and plants! Chubby Squirrel's sense of smell is so good that he can smell where he put his acorns and where his fellow squirrels are! In order to keep updating this site and not be a fox's dinner, Eastern Gray Squirrels alert each other by making shrill noises. How fasciating!

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Do You Know: What is this?

It's during a Monarch Butterfly Migration. The butterflies are resting on trees!

Sedona, Arizona
Sedona, Arizona
Sedona, Arizona

Trip to Sedona

Interview: Chubby's Family Member

Chubby: When did you go to Arizona?

Family: 1/22/2019, and we came back on that Saturday, so we were there for five days.

C: What did you do when you were at Sedona?

F: We went to many different parks, ate dinner at a luxury resturant in a luxury hotel, and went to feel the legendary vortexes.

C: Cool! What parks did you go to?

F: We went to Grand Canyon, and we were about to go to Petrified Wood National Park, but we couldn't because of the partial gov. shutdown.

C: Did you feel the vortexes?

F: Yes!!! I tried meditating, and it worked! Those vortexes are real!!!

C: Would you like to go there again?

F: Yes. But next time the rest of the family should come too so you can buy your own laptop stickers, Chubby.

C: Oh. Thanks for your time and those Grand Canyon stickers!

F: No problem.

Chubby Squirrel did not go, as there were no acorns there for him to eat. Instead, he interviewed a close family member who did go.


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