Compiled below is a collection of unique moments I captured while out in nature. All photos were taken with an iPhone; I am by no means a professional photographer.

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An evening view of the mighty Grand Canyon. Taken during our trip there in 2022. Before taking this photo, we saw a group of elk in the parking lot!

A waterfall in the mountains of Wulai in Taiwan. I went hiking there in the summer of 2023 during my Taiwan trip. The hike was hot and humid - just like most other hikes in Taiwan - but the area around the waterfall had a cool breeze.

Some fossilized tree trunk pieces in Petrified Forest National Park, which we visited in 2022. The organic tree material was replaced by stone tens of millions of years ago, and what used to be long trunks broke into small chunks. Legend has it that if you steal petrified wood pieces from the park, you'll have bad luck. In the visitor center, there were some remorseful letters on display from those who stole and regretted it.

Some alligators that we saw along a trail in the Everglades. There were quite a few alligators that were leisurely sunning themselves in the middle of the bike trail, making us walk cautiously around them to avoid becoming dinner.

A beautiful autumn photo of one of the hiking trails near my home which I frequent.

Behind our hotel outside Great Smoky Mountains National Park, we had a view of a stream almost as clear as those in the park, in which I frolicked.

A mill in Great Smoky Mountains national park. It belonged to one of the first settlers there, and is still preserved for historical purposes.

Sunrise at 5 AM in Hualien, Taiwan. Widely considered to be one of the most beautiful places on the island, Hualien has beaches alongside massive mountains. Although swimming was prohibited on this particular beach due to unpredictable currents, it had colorful stones which I took many pictures of (but did not take any).

One of the trails I hiked on in Grand Canyon National Park. It winded down the side of a cliff, and the wind was so strong that I almost felt like I was going to be blown away at some points. This was during the pandemic, so my facemask came in handy to prevent all the dust that was getting blown around.

A beach in Hualien, Taiwan. Going on it was prohibited, but the view was enough to make me want to live in Hualien for a long time!

While walking through one of the tree islands in Everglades National Park, I noticed the unique bark pattern of a tree.

While kayaking, I realized that the morning sunlight illuminated the water grasses in the lake. This lake is my favorite place to kayak, as it's spacious and clean.

I've found that one can take amazing photos quite literally anywhere in Taroko Gorge National Park... I snapped this picture this summer when visiting for the second time (I just couldn't get enough of this one-of-a-kind park!).

On a hike with my friends last winter, we came upon a section which was completely frozen over. The trail ran alongside a stream, which was also completely covered in ice. We ended up getting past the slippery surface, but not without finding ourselves on our behinds a few times along the way.

A trail in Zion National Park. There was a small waterfall running over this mountainside. Despite all the people there with us, this moment was truly memorable and extraordinary.

The Great Smoky Mountains in Tennessee. They are so named due to the fog that used to cover them, but now smog from human pollution makes the mountains even more "smoky" than before, and visibility has decreased dramatically.

This photo is a bit different from all the others on this page. It's simply a butterfly that I found in the neighborhood. I was surprised it allowed me to get so close to it, and took advantage of the opportunity to snap a few pictures.

Another photo of the natural beauty of Taroko Gorge National Park!

Another photo of Grand Canyon National Park, viewed from another angle.

A peaceful scene taken straight out of a children's Christmas book. I went skiing in the winter of 2022 at Deep Creek Lake, and of course, I had to go on a hike around the lake. The snow-blanketed forest was absolutely magical. The best thing is it didn't even feel super cold!

Some oxen grazing in Qingtiangang, the grassland atop Yangmingshan National Park.

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