Kenting National Park

A short paragraph by Chubby Squirrel, picture from google

The photo below is part of Kenting National Park in Taiwan. Kenting is on the southern part of Taiwan, and I went there 2016. It was super fun, and there are lots of opportunities to find shells. If you don't find any, however, you can still buy lots of them at the awesome night markets. You can also go to the National Museum of Marine biology, which includes exhibits and info about life in the ocean, and cool movies and even a shallow pool with life size sculpted, real-looking whales. Water comes out of the whale's spouts, and it's good for kids and adults, because who can resist swimming with whales? There's also a cool historic lighthouse that you have to hike to. The hike is moderatley short, and there's a small museum about the lighthouse at the lighthouse. Again, there's a lot you can do at Kenting National Park, and experiencing the Taiwanese life and culture is awesome too.