A Family Member's Trip to Sedona, Arizona, Interview Edition

Chubby Squirrel has been to a lot of places, but not nearly as many as his mother. Mother squirrel has been far and wide, from taking a helicopter to the top of Mount Everest to riding in (another) helicopter over the Great Barrier Reef, to the National Parks in Washington, and even to Nepal, where she bought a blanket that to this day she still uses. This particular interview was about her trip to Sedona, Arizona.

Interview: Chubby's Mother

Background: Chubby Squirrel's mother went to Sedona, Arizona with a few of her friends who wanted to find out for themselves whether the vortexes there were real.

Chubby: When did you go to Arizona?

Mother Squirrel: 1/22/2019, and we came back on that Saturday, so we were there for five days.

C: What did you do when you were at Sedona?

M: We went to many different parks, ate dinner at a luxury resturant in a luxury hotel (which, sadly, we didn't stay at), and went to feel the legendary vortexes.

C: Cool! What parks did you go to?

M: We went to Grand Canyon, and we were about to go to Petrified Wood National Park, but we couldn't because of the partial gov. shutdown.

C: Did you feel the vortexes?

M: Yes!!! I tried meditating, and it worked! Those vortexes are definitely there!

C: Well then. Would you like to go there again?

M: Yes. But next time the rest of the family should come too, and maybe you could get stickers for yourself.

C: Oh. Thanks for your time and those Grand Canyon stickers!

M: No problem.

Chubby Squirrel did not go, as there were no acorns there for him to eat. Instead, he interviewed a close family member who did go. He also changed up a few words for the sake of a nice, quick read.