Joshua Tree National Park

By: Chubby Squirrel

About the Trip and the Park:

I went to Joshua Tree National Park in June of 2018. *flashbacks occuring*.....anyways. The purpose of that trip was to visit my cousins who had moved there three years prior. We had a large family reunion, with grandparents from both sides attending. We went to many places, including the Japanese Garden and Griffith Observatory. However, my personal favorite was Joshua Tree National Park. Like all other national parks, this one is special in it's own way. The park is named after the Joshua Trees that call it their home. There are many trails, of varying difficulties, to hike on. If you plan on going to Joshua Tree, staying until after dark is a MUST. You can see the beautiful Milky Way from the national park, and it's truly extraordinary. It was also the first time I've ever seen the Big Dipper in real life. My family and I also went to 29 Palms, a city near Joshua Tree. Mount San Jacinto is located there, and there is an aerial tramway that rotates as it takes you up the mountain and then back down. The sight is amazing. Joshua Tree is a must-see if you ever go to California. Now that I think of it, there are sooo many national parks in California....