How to start a Freshwater Aquarium

By Chubby Squirrel

A step-by-step explanation of how to start your first aquarium.

 Everyone who wants an aquarium wants it for a different purpose. Regardless, the "criteria" for starting the aquarium is the same. The first step is to make a budget. Make sure the budget includes money for everything you will need to make this aquarium work. Your budget should include sufficient money for these items:

 Now that you have your budget set up, take into consideration the type of fish your tank will be housing. If you don't plan on keeping fish in your tank, feel free to skip this segment. What size is it? What is it's lifespan? Is it aggressive? What are it's general requirements? Generally, the rule of thumb for choosing a freshwater tank is the bigger the fish, the bigger the tank. More specifically, for every one inch of fish, you should have one gallon of water, starting from a 5 gallon tank. This should make choosing a tank easier for you. Everyone has a different view on what tank size is best for a fish, but I think 5 gallons should be the minimum.

 Many beginners like to start out with goldfish or betta fish. Both are great choices, but just keep in mind their requirements. Neither of these fish should be put in bowls without a filter, especially not a goldfish. Many people think there's nothing wrong with putting a goldfish in a bowl (after all they're called goldfish bowls), but they won't be happy. They might not die right away but they will not like their home. Same goes with Betta Fish, except (in my opinion) they won't die without a filter. Goldfish absolutely need a filter.

 I personally love guppies because they are a good beginner fish. As long as you have some males and females, you don't have to worry about going back to the pet store and buying new ones. They breed a lot, so your six fish might turn into 12. I had a 20 gallon tank of 5 guppies. They bred so much that now, 5 years later, there are still 20 guppies in my fish tank. Guppies love people (or maybe it's the food in their hands), and each time I come to the tank, They swim to the front to meet me. When I stick my hands in the water, they don't run away but instead swim through my fingers. These fish won't hide from people, so it's a good fish for the whole family! For more information on beginner fish, ---to be continued later