Background About Colors

Most people don't give much thought as to the reason behind the coloration of any particular animal. However, when it comes to the colors and patterns on animals, there is always a reason behind it. For example, a tiger has orange and black stripes for camoflage. Although the previous statement seems relatively self-explanatory, it is much more complicated than that. Human eyes can process red, green, and blue (RGB), so tigers look orange to us; they are quite conspicuous amongst the green trees and vegetation covering the forest floor. However, we must keep in mind that tigers have evolved to hunt deer, and deer do not have RGB vision. Instead, they can only see green and blue, which makes the orange stripes look green. In this fashion, tigers can easily blend in with their surrounding environment - the orange stripes resembling leaves and the black stripes resembling shadow. For me, learning that there was more to animal coloration than the eye can see was very fascinating, and I hope you learn something new as well!

Colorful Creatures!

Welcome to my special exhibition showcasing some of the world's most vibrant and colorful creatures! I was inspired to do this after watching a David Attenborough documentary about how animals use color to achieve various goals, such as attracting a mate, hunting prey, and warning potential predators of poison. I then did some of my own research, and came up with a list of some truly marvelous-looking animals. I hope you enjoy, and maybe learn something new about these creatures!

A List of Featured Animals

Below are all of the animals that are featured in this special exhibition. You will learn new and fascinating information about all of these creatures, from the basics (habitat, lifespan, etc.) to the reason(s) for their coloration. I picked these animals because they are the most colorful and aesthetically pleasing, and because they're not really well-known.


In the making of this special exhibition, I used many sources for both information and photos (although I would like to use my own photos, I unfortunately have not had the experience of seeing these majestic creatures myself). Below is the page with all my sources listed!